Image courtesy of Tina Phillips

     Following a survey of Goodreads members, CEO Otis Chandler shares useful tips on ways authors can sell more books.  In an article by Jonathan Gunson (Goodreads CEO Reveals A Remarkably Easy Way To Sell More Books) the Goodreads CEO shares the results of the survey that asks readers “What do you want to do when you get to the end of a book?”

     An astounding 83% of readers surveyed say they want to find out what else the author has written.  To take advantage of the momentum built up after reading your book, Chandler suggests including a link to your next ebook or adding a book blurb.  The link should connect readers to a store where they can purchase other books that you have written, (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc…)  Adding an eye catching visual, such as the cover for another book(s) offers another form of advertising.  Surprisingly, Chandler advises that rather than offering a sample chapter, a blurb is much more affective.  The reason; having just read your book, readers are already familiar with your writing style and a blurb offers them a snapshot of the entire story, yet leaves them wanting more.

     In addition to these tactics, online resources are also essential.  Author pages and book pages on sites like Amazon and Goodreads can offer valuable information that readers will use when determining whether or not to buy your book(s).  Keeping these pages updated and accurate are extremely important.

To find out more about how you can use these techniques or to see the results of the survey, read Gunson’s full article here.