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Elizabeth has submitted her entry to the 2019 Short Story Challenge and is eagerly awaiting the results, due April.  The first time she participated in the challenge was in 2017, where she received an honorable mention for her short story Tangy


“Good job on the sparkling water account, Garcia. It’s always good publicity for the company when we can get a product on the shelves ahead of schedule.”

“Thank you, sir,” Anabelle calls after Mr. Michelson who has already left her office and is halfway down the hall.

A few minutes later, a knock at her door breaks Anabelle’s concentration. Natalie leans against the doorframe. With her tall, slim build, and impeccable fashion sense, you would expect to find her on the cover of a magazine instead of behind a desk crunching numbers.

“So where are we going to celebrate?”

“Celebrate? I can’t. I’m trying to get a headstart on the new waffle brand. They’re looking for a signature flavor.”

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