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Lila's Choice

The first book in the Eye of the Vampire Series.

Lila must choose between two men. One man offers her everything she's ever wanted in a partner and the other everything she never knew she did.

Complicating matters further, Lila must deal with her jealous ex; the father of her two children and the man who gave her the gift of immortality.

Lila's choice can either mean a lifetime of happiness or it can spell disaster for everyone involved.

Sample Chapter

Lila's Revenge

The second book in the Eye of the Vampire Series.

Picking up where Lila's Choice ends, Lila sets out in search of Jack. Accompanied by her fledgling mate, the pair journey to places that stir up memories from Lila's past.

Along the way, she finds there is much that has been kept from her about her history and the history of the clan. Together, Lila and her fledgling find answers and grow closer each step of the way.


About the Series

Deep beneath the city streets is a hidden world that is home to Lila Ferdinand and her vampire clan. Easily blending in with the mortals above, the only clue that there is something ethereal about them, is their eye color.

In Lila's world, eye color determines status. Her purple eyes put Lila among the ruling class. Second in command to the leader of the clan, Lila is considered a princess among her people.

Follow Lila as she falls in love, experiences loss and fights against all odds to protect what is most precious to her.